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Kouign-Amann Pass The Bread

It's only the second week of the year, and B is showing some serious personal growth by bringing an imperfect bake to the table. We compare and contrast Dozen's Kouign-Amann with B's attempt and get into the details of what went wrong and whether she'll ever attempt a laminated dough again. B also tells Kaylee about going to a vision board workshop and what energy she wants to bring into 2022. Follow Us: https://my.captivate.fm/dashboard/podcast/4d0e1283-2f01-4c44-9641-c76adab15f4d/www.instagrm.com/PassTheBreadPodcast (@PassTheBreadPodcast) https://my.captivate.fm/dashboard/podcast/4d0e1283-2f01-4c44-9641-c76adab15f4d/www.passthebreadpodcast.com (www.passthebreadpodcast.com) Music: James Witchell Produced By: https://my.captivate.fm/dashboard/podcast/4d0e1283-2f01-4c44-9641-c76adab15f4d/www.deweycomedy.com (Dewey Comedy Productions, LLC) – Nashville TN
  1. Kouign-Amann
  2. Vasilopita – Greek New Year’s Bread
  3. Star Bread
  4. Cranberry Baked Brie Bread Bowl – A true mouthful
  5. Sweet Potato Biscuits

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